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Who we are?

Our aims and objectives

We are strongly committed to developing world tourism and care especially about the destinations where we operate. Spirit Asia Travel has the following objectives:

  • To enrich the lives of travelers.
  • To interact with local people.
  • To provide enjoyment and satisfaction in a professional manner.
  • To expand your knowledge and life experiences.
  • To ensure that you receive the best value for money.
  • To provide tourism that benefits the local communities.
  • To minimize the negative impact traveling can have on socio-cultures and the environment.
  • To create more jobs for the local people (at present, there are not enough jobs to go round for post-grad students in Indochina)
  • To raise funds for our charitable organization The Spirit Foundations  . The financial support we provide will ensure homeless and parentless children an education and better way of life.

Care for the Environment

Tourism can have both a positive and a negative impact on local people and the environment. We aim to reduce the negative impacts of tourism and increase the positive. The Trip Styles, created by Spirit Asia Travel, allows visitors to explore in ways that reduce the damage caused by tourism to our world. We feel the importance of keeping our world green for generations to follow.

  • Water - A percentage of our benefits will go towards installing local and rural areas with water pumps. This will help provide clean water in the dry season, a time of extreme need.
  • Climate - The Trip Styles, have been designed to reduce the amount of domestic and every other short flights, in turn, reducing the amount of Co2 omitted into the atmosphere.
  • Litter - We encourage local volunteers to help keep the land tidy by cleaning the affected areas and discouraging the use of plastic bags. We also created the trip that would bring our guest to replant the tree around the communities.   

Develop Cambodia

The help and support we provide to local communities enables interaction between travelers and local people and therefore increasing an understanding between differing cultures. We appreciate the importance that travelers feel to connect with and experience their surroundings.

As we expand as a company, we create more and more jobs for local people. The way things stand at present there are not enough jobs for graduates and other educated professionals. All of our staff has previous experience of working for larger travel companies either in administration or as guides and tour leaders. The benefit of ‘going local’ is that, due to local connections, you will receive the best deals on secure modes of transport, clean and comfortable accommodation and authentic dishes.

We give travelers the chance of experiencing what real life is like in Indochina and Thailand, by giving you the opportunity to stay with local people some of the time. We aim to introduce travelers to the local cuisine and encourage them to use local products and services, in order to support the local restaurants and hotels, thus supporting the local economy. Most of our profits go towards developing an infrastructure to a land so desperately in need. We will also give you the opportunity to teach English or other languages to the children in the villages and involve yourself in activities such as like football, valley ball, etc with the local kids!

Why you should travel with Spirit Asia Travel?

Traveling with us means supporting the local people and communities. We are innovators of Ecotourism and prioritize in the wellbeing of our clients and the maintenance of our planet.
The Spirit Asia Travel team is committed to providing you the best possible services pre-departure, during and after your holiday. Spirit Asia Travel will do its utmost to fulfill each passenger’s expectation. Let us know your requests, we are very happy to discuss and advise you the best ways of traveling Indochina.

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