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    Trip Code : MCI | Price : From US$3,859/Adult

    Cycling through Indochina is a unique way to experience these fascinating lands.  It takes you to the heart of the people - both rural and city - and brings you closely in touch with the local villagers and their way of life.   This is the best holiday you can take in South Vietnam and Cambodia.  An experience which is both environmentally friendly - and gives back as you travel - in places tourists rarely go.  Imagine - cycling quietly through the ancient temple complexes, going at a pace that allows you to take in your surroundings and feel what it must be like to live in those places. Your guides are very experienced in biking travels - they know the special back trails and the places where you will find the very best foods, the comfortable night’s sleep, and the most spectacular views.  Don’t miss this experience - you will never forget it.

    Start Location: Ho Chi Mint
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : MIA | Price : From US$3,859/Adult

    This journey begins in Cambodia and takes you through into Laos and Vietnam.  You will experience the culture of both with guides who are expert in local knowledge and will take you into the hidden gems of these lands to get a real feel for the magic of Indochina.  Discover the delicious local foods, meet the people, and the children of these lands.  Have a chance to give back to them as you travel - enjoy a journey that will stay with you forever.  Come with us… we look forward to serving you well. 

    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Saigon Read More


    Trip Code : KAB | Price : From US$689/Adult

    Cycling is the perfect way to explore the temple complexes of Angkor - the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire.  As we move at a leisurely pace through the ruined temples you will get a true sense of the grandeur and magnificence of the past.  As well we will cycle through villages of the local people where you will see the present day life of these resilient people - the Khmers.  This is an enviro friendly trip - that will remain in your memories for a lifetime.

    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : KGC | Price : From US$2,789/Adult

    For those who enjoy cycling and seeing the world from the leisure of a bicycle, this is a wonderful holiday to join.  Being on a bicycle brings you close to the villagers and the true experience of the country.  We have conducted many biking tours around Indochina, so we know exactly what you need to see the real Cambodia in this way.  By travelling in this simple way you are also protecting our environment, keeping it green and you will have experiences of the reality of daily village life in areas that tourists rarely go.  Slowly - quietly - you will enjoy a Cambodia that welcomes you and will show you her face that only turns for those who come on the traditional form of transport - the bicycle. 

    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Phnom Penh Read More

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