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Excursion Cambodia


    Trip Code : KBD | Price : From US$469/Adult

    This short excursion adventure trip is designed to take you deep into the Battambang Province, the second largest in the Cambodia. You will experience the daily life of the people - staying in a traditional house over 100 years old, with a local family.  We have arranged many activities to discover the local ways including a cooking lesson. This is a wealthy province with many fruit groves and is the biggest rice growing area in the country.  You will disover the real Cambodia off the usual tourist trails. 

    Start Location: Phnom Penh
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : KFB | Price : From US$259/Adult

    Tonle Sap Lake is an experience not to be missed.  This two days excursion will give you a wonderful insight into the life of the fishing villages dotted around the lake.  The floating villages and the local homestay are unlike any other place.  This water world gives a wonderful opportunity for excellent photos and once we move onto the land and visit Beng Melea - a thousand year old temple buried in the jungle you will find yourself in awe of the grandeur of the past Khmer Kings and their vision. Few tourists visit here - so the temple is quiet and the peace of the ages is embedded in the stones. 

    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : KEP | Price : From US$319/Adult

    Welcome to Phnom Penh! The capital city of Cambodia lies at the confluence of the Mekong, Sap and Bassac rivers. Phnom Penh was regarded by many as the most beautiful of all the French-built cities in Indochina and so was formerly called the pearl of Indochina. It was a bustling commercial center during the French occupation, but the years of war crushed it to a field of ruins before becoming a ghost-city during the Khmer Rouges period. It’s only since the 90’s that the city really began to recover and today it has reestablished itself as the political and financial center of the country. Its rich historical past can be traced to some Khmer and French influence evidences such as many ornate Khmer–style temples and some grand colonial buildings. 

    Start Location: Phnom Penh
    Finish Location: Phnom Penh Read More


    Trip Code : KJT | Price : From US$99/Adult

    This one day excursion will take you deep into the jungle areas of Beng Melea and Koh Ker - remote temple complexes where few tourists go.  Beng Melea, overgrown and a real jungle temple will reveal her carvings and statuary to those ready to explore.  And Koh Ker where more than 180 sanctuaries have been found in a huge area of 81 km2 has temples that are very different to those of Angkor. On the way,  the drive through rural Cambodia is beautiful - and you will see much of the rural life as you pass by.  A day out that will be a feast for your eyes, provide lots of great photo opportunities and be remembered for years to come.

    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : KLT | Price : From US$479/Adult

    This three day excursion will take you to the hidden temples - less frequented by tourists - and through fascinating jungle areas where rare species of birds may be seen.  The magical temples of Beng Melea, Koh Ker and Preah Vihear built a thousand years ago will hold you spell bound with their beauty and fascinating ‘lost in the jungle’ feel.  And our visit to the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge will bring the more recent past into view - demonstrating clearly the resilience and strength of the Khmer people who have survived this terrible time.  This journey wends its way through wonderful scenery, deep jungle and panoramic vistas.  The real Cambodia revealed.

    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : KMA | Price : From US$309/Adult

    No visit to Cambodia is complete without a visit to Angkor - one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia.  A UNESCO World Heritage site - these incredible temples and monuments will transport you to another time when majesty - grandeur - and ceremony were the order of the day and the successive Kings constructed more and more impressive structures.  Our guides are skilled in helping you to see and understand the history and stories of the time - and not only that - they also know the best times to avoid the thousands of tourists who come to see this wonder of the world.  Walk the wall of Angkor Thom - a rare experience - view the sunset and wonder at the beauty of the temples.  Come with us - and immerse yourself in the special energy of the Angkor Complex.  The experience will be one of a lifetime.


    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : KPB | Price : From US$129/Adult

    This one day excursion will immerse you in many experiences of the Hindu and Buddhist religions as we visit Phnom Kulen and Beng Melea.  The settings deep in the nature are very special - see the thousand Lingas carvings from the 9th century in the river bed, swim in the biggest waterfall in Cambodia - stand in awe by the largest reclining Buddha from the 16th Century - and view wonderful scenery from high on the plateau. Exploring the jungle temple of Beng Melea will have a real Indiana Jones feel.   You will have great satisfaction as you return to your hotel in the evening that you have seen and experienced Cambodia at its best.


    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More


    Trip Code : KTL | Price : From US$639/Adult

    This four day adventure will provide the best experience of Cambodia in this area.  We visit places that lay undiscovered since the war from 1970 - 1998.  People have been afraid to go to these places because of the history of the former Khmer Rouge strongholds - being the last place that Pol Pot and his cronies ruled over.

    Most of the temples were rediscovered in 1998 after the war finished.  The roads are sometimes rough but the real Cambodia lies along your pathway.  You will explore areas where few tourists venture.  Come with us in safety as we know the way.

    Start Location: Siem Reap
    Finish Location: Siem Reap Read More

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