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We have tried the best service as much as possible. As part of our ongoing work to provide the best quality adventure holidays possible we would very much like to receive feedback about your experiences with Spirit Asia Travel. For our future trip so your comments are extremely valuable to us.

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Angela Castro ( Manila , Philippines )

14-08-2018 13:44

We were a group of six friends. Availed of Vireak's Land Arrangement from airport transfers, hotel accommodation and tours.
We all were totally amazed on how they took good care of us. Naren, our assigned tour guide, had so much knowledge about their country.
Our hotel, City River Hotel, had big rooms and were cleaned everyday. It's a few meters away from Pub Street & the Old Market. Buffet breakfast in the hotel was A-ok.
The tours were so educational.
But the weather was so hot.

I will surely recommend Vireak's office to my friends when they visit Siem Reap.

Carlos Roco ( East Rutherford, NJ , United States )

05-03-2018 02:37

Our group consisted of 4 ladies from the Philippines (one of them my sister), another lady from Vancouver, and myself, from East Rutherford, NJ. My sister had already visited Siem Reap thru the services of Vireak, so we used his resources for this trip last month (February 2018). Once again, they did not disappoint. From pickup at the airport in the wee hours of the morning, to the decent hotel reservations, to the daily van rentals, to the various temple visits, and even the last Cambodian meal before departing for the airport, everything was handled seamlessly by Vireak and his team. Kudos to his team and their professionalism!

Allyson, Peter and Tom ( Wales )

24-07-2017 09:16

We travelled to Siem Reap and hired Soung Vireak as our guide for the temples. He provided an excellent professional service and we enjoyed his company for the day very much. His English is faultless and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the history of the temples made our trip very special. I would not hesitate to recommend Vireak as a tour guide and will be getting in touch if we ever return to Siem Reap

Donna, Steve and James ( Leeds , UK )

21-07-2017 07:28

We spent 3 nights in Cambodia in July 2017. It was our first time visiting the country and our guide Vireak Soung made us feel very welcome. He custom made our 2 day tour to suit our requests of seeing as much of the country in the Siem Reap area. He was very informative, knowledgeable and interesting with excellent English and he made the temples come alive as he told us not only about their history but about the different monuments, stories and statues. We visited Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon and the tomb raider temple. We lunched at Palmboo which is a good restaurant overlooking the royal pool. On our second day we visited the ladies temple which was pink in colour and also an earlier temple made initially of brick. We then lunched again at Palmboo and afterwards, visited the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia and sailed in a boat past floating communities including schools and shops. This was less touristic and Vireak explained the changing seasons and water fluctuations. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Cambodia in Siem Reap and cannot recommend Vireak Soung highly enough. Upon returning home and looking at our photos with friends and family, we have reflected on what was an amazing holiday, but what was made even more special by having a tour guide who explained so clearly and with such passion about his own country and its History. We were a family group aged 15, 47 and 48 - and we all gained so much from it.

Maree Tassell ( New Zealand )

29-03-2017 12:34

Recently I travelled through Cambodia with my 14 year old daughter and I am so grateful that Spirit Asia Travel was recommend to me as Vireak and the team were fantastic! From the moment we arrived and were picked up at the airport to the moment we left this beautiful country we felt safe and looked after at all times.  The accommodation we had surpassed our expectations and the guides were all lovely people who were extremely knowledgeable and spoke great English. We had a wonderful time and I can confidently recommend Spirit Asia Travel to anyone traveling to Cambodia.

Dorte, Sophie, Olivia, Sebastian & Poul Weihrauch ( Belgium )

28-03-2017 06:02

Dear Vireak, We are now back in Belgium after a wonderful holiday. The absolute highlight of our holiday was the time in Cambodia spent with you. We learned so much and enjoyed thoroughly the stunning beauty, cultural and historical richness of your country. Had you not been with us in Angkor, we would never had understood the carvings, the symbols and the historical context and significant of the buildings. This was truly spectacular. Our first day in Vietnam, with the youns, we decided to go to Chinatown...in this way we were not with the real youns, so we had a great visit there as well (ha ha). I read the "stay alive my son" which is a fantastic book. Makes you cry on a few occasions, and makes you cry as a father. What bigger sacrifice can one make? Unbelievable book. Another book I read, which I found equally good, but very different was "When the War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution". Fantastic book at explaining the world politics around Cambodia, relationship with China, Soviet and Vietnam and how all of this could happen. I hope you are very well and that you family is doing well. I also hope there is enough work to be done and you enjoy it. We treasure the time with you and Cambodia would not have been the same without your guidance and expertise. Kind regards

PS. Sebastian made a presentation to the class with pictures from Cambodia about "human rights". He showed pictures from our trip and explained the genocide. His American teacher had visited Cambodia twice.


Dave Rogers ( Toronto , Canada )

28-03-2017 05:51

Cambodia - So Many Memories - Just A Few Words

During the visit to Cambodia, the experiences were jammed pack during the 8days Global Sage Summit. Our tour guide, Mr V prides himself on providing authentic Khmer experiences and goes to extremes to share the essence of the Khmer, the flavors of Khmer cooking including tarantula's , and the sites and history of the Khmer people.
From waking up at 430am to visit Angkor Wat, to giving much needed blood to the local blood bank, to visiting our orphanage, to traversing a bamboo bridge to play football with the local kids, to boating to Rabbit Island, to dining at a wide range of local eateries, the week in Cambodia, truly allowed us to eat local, sing local, and party local with Mr V and the Khmer people.
For many first time visitors to Cambodia, the attraction and horror of the genocide of the Pol Pot regime rings loud and can trigger many emotions including sadness, terror, and anger and visits to the Killing Fields and the S 21 Prison remain worthwhile and must see locations during a Cambodia visit. In this trip to Cambodia, my fifth, I reflected on the past regimes and found myself rather pensive and somewhat reflective with the feeling that in the almost 40 years since the regime of 1974-1979, that we as a human species have not really evolved very much if one considers the atrocities and power struggles that have occurred in Liberia, Angola, the former Yugoslavia, and
Iraq. Greed and power continue to be formidable foes for unconditional love, respect, and gratitude.
Mr V , a 37 years old Khmer entrepreneur as our guide, I, as a visitor to Cambodia did find some sense of the "why" from the terror and horror of the past as Mr V's sense of humanity, authenticity, humor, and respect for life shone brightly during our journey of Cambodia. I wish him well in his adventure as a goodwill ambassador for Cambodia, a face of the new generation in Cambodia, and as a product of his environment. To reach Mr V email at soungvireak@gmail.com and vireak@spiritasiatravel.com or Tel: +855 12 315 315

Karen Scharfstein ( USA )

28-03-2017 05:46

We are almost at the middle of our trip and are, in fact, waiting for our flight from Siem Riep to Hanoi. I wanted to take a little time to give you an update of our trip. Every detail and connection has gone smoothly. We were met at each stop. We were surprised to see so many people greeting us in Siem Reap including the GM and Sales Manager of Shinta Mani! We felt like royalty! Although we were sorry to miss staying at the Shinta Mani, the Sofitel was very nice as well. We did participate in the New Year's  Eve festivities at the Shinta Mani though; they were a lot of fun!  Christian, the GM, once again, made sure we were well taken care of. Our guides in each city have been very good. We found Vireak to be superb. His historical knowledge base along with his wonderful demeanor was amazing.  He really is a terrific guide from whom we learned so much. We especially enjoyed his teaching us about the complicated political and sociological aspects of the Khmer people. Our itinerary has been perfect even though it has been so busy. Happy New Year!

Stan Belza and Tish ( Toronto , Canada )

28-03-2017 05:45

Vireak (I think I spelled it right), our guide in Siem Reap, was terrific.  We found him articulate, highly intelligent, and motivated by doing whatever he can to move his country forward.  His knowledge of history, mythology, temples, geography, politics is fantastic. He has great people skills.  Moreover he has a great sense of choosing sites that were highly interesting.  The choice of hotel, Steung Siem Reap, is located (as I'm sure you know) in the heart of the French Quarter.  I understand that Tish and I ended up there only because the originally scheduled hotel was full.  Without seeing the other hotel it's a little difficult for me to comment but I can't imagine that it would be in as nearly a good location.  I urge you to reconsider the first choice of hotels for your future guests. Thought you might be interested in our thoughts. All the best

Vida Demarin ( Croatia )

28-03-2017 05:44

Dear Mr.Vireak, Our visit to Cambodia with you as our guide, was extraordinary experience. It was very exciting, completely different and really fulfilling traveling.


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