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Our Philosophy

Message from Founder: Vireak Soung

After recent wars in Indochina (Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos), this region has become the main destinations for people looking for a great adventure in South-East Asia with real life experiences relating to the history, cultures and traditions of these countries.

I have an extensive association with tourism. Starting as a Cambodia tour operator in 1997, I have worked for many international travel companies and have operated throughout Indochina (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos). As a seasoned tour operator my passion for travel is stronger than ever and this propelled me to start Spirit Asia Travel (SAT) in 2006.

We run the trips in 5 different styles of travel:


This is mainly to be as flexible as we can to suit the needs and desires of our customers and the different way they wish to travel.

At Spirit Asia Travel, I am fortunate to work with a team of people who share my passion and devote their days to creating the best possible biking, walking, cruising, culinary and multi-trips around Indochina - and who work continuously to make them even better. For us, it is a privilege and an honor to provide responsible and flexible travel through our land, and this fuels the desire to keep earning our place as one of the best travel companies in Indochina.

I can't imagine a better way to immerse yourself in the life of a region, to explore hidden corners and appreciate nuances while enjoying the benefits of traveling through Indochina in our trips style(s). As we provide local guides who have a wealth of experience in traveling, and who know the land and the people, Spirit Asia Travel offers opportunities in travel that would not otherwise arise. In this way you can connect more authentically with surroundings. Sure, Spirit Asia Travel provides amazing leaders, superb accommodations and meals, and opportunities you could never arrange on your own. But all of our comprehensive planning and support is aimed at something far simpler: bringing you the immediate, highly personal satisfaction of discovering a new world on your own terms.

When I think about all the places in Indochina I still have left to explore, and those I want to revisit and enjoy again, I'm constantly reminded what a gift it is to be able to explore the world actively. Spirit Asia Travel’ Adventures are about embracing what life has to offer, supporting local communities and businesses hundred percent, living the experience as it unfolds and at the same time creating memories that will last forever. As you browse through the amazing array of choices, I'm confident you'll find a trip that does all of that and more.

I invite you to read what our guests have to say at…Testimonial. and I look forward to you joining us so you can experience Asia with journeys from the spirit within…

Vireak Soung

Founder and Director


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